Elixir Wellness University is targeted to those who are professional and/or established 20’s 30’s 40’s, 50’s, and beyond +years.

Even though they have the assets/house/career of 6 figures+$, car(s)/jets, job title, designer clothes, partner(s)/family ~ are feeling stuck in life, sensing a missing ‘link’ to their life, finding that their addictions to drugs of all forms (prescription drugs, recreational drugs, holistic ‘new age’ drugs), sex, gambling, alcohol, negative patterns are only ‘band-aids’ or distractions to temporarily cover their pain/suffering in life. They are wondering how and where they are going in their life or maybe where they have been in their life, what have they “done with their life”, no understanding who they really are as their true Self, fearful, unhappy, low energy, depressed, anxious, sad, feeling alone, low self-esteem, settling for abusive or controlling unloving relationships, unmotivated,  blocked or repressed emotions/memories, and more!

Elixir Wellness University is for anyone who can look at their life NOW, in this moment of today and who can play their life forward 1 month, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and beyond until their deathbed where with their last breath of life they still cannot see or feel themselves truly ending their life living it how they truly wanted to live it ~ with courage, inner peace and happiness, but rather filled fear and regret!

EElixir Wellness University offers Holistic Wellness & Lifestyle courses personally created and taught by Carolynn Younghusband of Elixir Wellness.

Carolynn Younghusband is a fully integrated licensed registered and certified holistic practitioner ~ Mind, Body & Soul ~ whose mantra is ‘Wake Up & Dream’. Carolynn is a former corporate world banker with her Bachelor of Arts in Economics who transformed her life in the late 1990’s, leaving the corporate world to embark on rediscovering and utilizing her true gifts in healing and wellness to help others walk through their darkness in life in order to heal and rediscover their true essential human nature.

All Elixir Wellness University courses will Educate, Empower and Inspire you to transform your life to your vision and live your life to its fullest while connecting to your true essential human nature.

Carolynn looks forward to serving you with light, love and peace!

Read below for course information!

All Elixir Wellness University courses may be tax deductible as part of your health care and/or educational tax expenses.

Introduction to Life Activation, A Holistic Healing Modality

Peace Dream Possibility

Total time is approximately 1 hour.

In this course I will introduce and teach you everything you need to know to about what is a Life Activation session and provide you with questions and an exercise to assist you in your decision if a Life Activation session is suited for your wellness needs.

Curriculum comes through highly-organized learning portals and also includes a comments section at the end of each lecture so you can communicate with me as I will be checking in and responding regularly to answer any questions.

You will receive a 15 minutes FREE Wellness Consultation via Skype at the end of the course when you RSVP at carolynn@elixirwellness.ca upon registering for the course.


Free 21 Day Wake Up & Dream Challenge

With all the amazing changes, demands and shifts currently surfacing in this world, are you content to accept your life “As Is”, or do you want to take part in a positive transformation and evolution?

Carolynn will share 21 holistic practices (7 per week) that will help you to shift your mind, body and soul in order to vibrate on a higher level and step into love and abundance. Plus you’ll receive monthly tips to stay healthy and balanced and updates on upcoming courses.

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