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Do you feel stuck in your life, in your career/business, in your place in life, in your relationship(s), in your creativity, in your success, in your happiness, in your state of mind, in your freedom, in your health and wellness, in your fitness, in your spirituality, in your energy, in your vitality, in your flow?

Do you sense that there is a “part” of you or a “part” of your life that is missing or disconnected, yet you somehow cannot explain or understand this?

Do you feel uncertain or unsafe to share these concerns with anyone for feeling you may be misunderstood, shamed or told to “…get over it and just move with your life like we all are…”

Have you ever thought you may truly hold the answers to your life within you but never knew how or where to begin?

If you answered ‘YES’ or can relate or even feel intrigued by any one of these queries, then this FREE online course on Life Activation is for you!

Your true purpose in life is/are your gift(s) inside of you that you are born with when you come into this life.  You unique gifts are your own personal blueprint of your life that for most of us lie dormant and unused.  Your unique gifts are a true expression and reflection of your true self and when tapped into or “turned ON” will release your highest potential of every single part of your life with a flowing of your unstoppable, infinite life energy.

Every person can, at any moment, live their life to its fullest on all levels: body, mind, and spirit. You only need to activate your Life with a Life Activation!

In this course, Carolynn Younghusband will introduce you to this over 3,000 year old ancient healing modality known as Life Activation and provide you with some solid insight of what you can experience in your life by doing deeper work with a Life Activation session.

This course will offer an introduction with information and an exercise in considering your gift(s), life purpose and life path.

The intention of this course is to help you consciously become aware of your own inner gifts and to gain knowledge on how to empower yourself to unleash your true gifts and purpose in life in addition to living your life to its fullest potential by experiencing the effects of a Life Activation session.

Changes you integrate into your life after taking this course:

  • Increased awareness of an ancient tool/modality that has the capacity to bring about empowerment and healing while it lights up your aura, heightens your intuition and transforms your entire being.
  • Increased awareness that who you truly are at your deepest level goes far deeper than what you do for “a living”.

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