Carolynn offers a variety of techniques for yoga sequences that work well for all yoga students, with an eclectic mix and fusion of culture for the senses. Teaching both Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga, Carolynn is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) obtained 200 hours certification from YogaSpace in Toronto, Ontario.

Hatha is a slower and quieter practice with fewer sun salutations. Vinyasa teachings tend to be a fusion of more sun salutations, core strengthening, and breathing practice with the option to offer a more focused workshop geared for the athletic type yogis or the aging ‘boomers’ yogis.

Carolynn is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, lifelong self-taught distance runner and fitness expert since the age of 16.  Carolynn fuses her personal knowledge and expertise with her professional yoga-personal training to assist and teach you how to connect your Mind, Body and Soul with your physical fitness and lifelong wellness commitment.

Teaching students that they can achieve enhanced mind-body awareness through the connection between yoga movements (Asanas), physical core strength, mental focus & strength combined with conscious breath to become their own powerful Warriors required for this journey called Life.

Focusing on strengthening the core muscles stabilizes the spine and gives the body a strong foundation, allowing for more efficient movement, improved posture/balance/athletic performance, and helps prevent or minimize injury. Focusing on the breath allows for the clarity of the mind, the connection of Mind~ Body and a deeper fitness level with a healing energy to offer yourself.

“My yoga and fitness practices/teachings are a personal experience and expression that I bring to life with my students to explore and become part of their lifestyle in mind, body and soul.”

~ Carolynn Younghusband. Elixir Wellness

YOGA PRICING ~ 60 minutes to 75 minutes

One on One Yoga – To Deepen an Existing Practice

Private yoga offers an opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of your practice. Sessions can explore specific postures, modifications, breath practices, how to adapt the pace of the class for more or less intensity, or even questions about your experiences in meditation or relaxation.

For Beginning Students – Private Sessions can be used to introduce you to the basics of yoga and help you feel more confident coming to your first class.

For Specific Conditions and Situations -Private classes are also used to learn ways to adapt the practice to support a specific medical condition, illness or something you are working with at this time in your life.

SMALL GROUP YOGA CLASS ~ maximum 6 to 10 people

$18 PER CLASS per person (Cash only)


1 to 2 PEOPLE $120

Private Personal Training & Running Training

$75 per hour 


Private Personal Training & Running Training

$65 per hour 

To inquire or book please contact Carolynn.