“Let your healing gifts to the world spring naturally from who you really are.

You want to be a healer. You want to be a force for good in this world.  Many of us believe deeply in healing, service, and love. But until you know what heals and helps you, what the truth is for you, you won’t know what heals and helps others.

True service, healing that touches the eharts and souls of men and women, doesn’t ahppen when we ignore who we are.  It doesn’t happen when we try to be who we think we should be or when we pretend, out of fear, that we’re someone we’re not. The ability to bring healing to others can only come when we genuinely accept and love ourselves, past and present, and are vulnerable enough to be honest about what ehals and helps us.

When we love and accept ourselves, we will love and accept others. And only from that place of acceptance can true healing spring.”

~ Melody Beattie

I read this today,  on the morning of Christmas Eve day 2017. I could not believe when I sat down and opened my book that this was the page Spirit had chosen for me! Perfect beyond anything my mind thought it could have ever planned for me to start my day.

I have been and  still am a child , a teen, an adult of life long inner healing. The wounds, are but scars hidden deep within my soul that you can not see with you naked eye. So, when you see me in real life, in a photo or a video you will never know from looking at me what depths and darkness I have lived. Yet, when my hands touch you for that first massage or Reiki treatment, when I smile and meet your eyes with mine, when I speak words of encouragement to coach you along your wellness journey, into your inner journey to transform your life, or when you read about my creations to share my knowledge and wisdom with you, or when I guide you through a meditation or yoga class, or if I am privileged to perform your Life Activation session or if I am humbled to have you request a booking on my Earthing Retreats where I will educate, empower and inspire you to rediscover your true essential human nature by connecting with Mother Earth and nature then you will feel my heart connection with yours, you will sense and you will know that I am a woman who honurs her own self-love, self-care, and my gifts of this life time as a healing Goddess Warrior.

I Am here for your service, bringing forward to all my gifts to the world of what heals and helps me.

I am filled with gratitiude and humbled. Peace. Light. LOVE to the world for this holiday sesaon.