“When you are linked to Earth and involved in the electric exchanges, you start feeling like a human being again.” ~ Matteo Tavera, French agronomist 



This https://www.electrocultureandmagnetoculture.com/uploads/3/4/1/3/3413602/matteo_tavera_-_sacred_mission.pdf link will take you to a pdf containing a series of thirty (30) letters translated from French written in the late 60s regarding Matteo Tavera’s discovery of what he called the Sacred Mission of all beings. I highly recommend reading the full series of letters, and of course, go at your own pace! These letters are incredible and are written in such a sincere and charming manner, explaining very simply what Tavera understands to be the law of all beings, which is basically to conduct electricity from the clouds to the earth. When we are disconnected and cut off, not fulfilling our sacred purpose we get sick and disintegrate. This is caused by the electrical nature of our bodies and the earth. He describes how all the plants and animals fulfill this sacred purpose with Earth.

These letters are so inspiring for me as by my own intuition and spirituality of my growth and awakening in my life, I have finally connected the dots from my childhood years of ~ playing outdoors, camping across Canada, swimming in the lakes and oceans, LOVING to only be barefoot and in fact, as little clothing as comfortably possible, to my adult years teaching myself how to reconnect to my True Essential Human Nature from right here in Nosara, laya Guiones Costa Rica. This reconnection of my Mind, Body, and Soul sparked my visions and dreams which lead me to create my Earthing Retreats!

I hope you enjoy this blog!

Please reach out to me for my upcoming November 2018 Earthing Retreat In Nosara Playa Guiones Costa Rica at carolynn@elixirwellness.ca