I am super excited to be ready to launch my upcoming Earthing Retreat in Nosara, Playa Guiones Costa Rica in November 2018. 

Stay tuned and bookmark this page for my Earthing Retreat details https://elixirwellness.ca/earthing-retreats/ 

Earthing is a self-healing technique, it is free to all and can be done anywhere that you can get outdoors and physically connect some part of your bare skin to the “skin” of Mother Earth! That is it!

Earthing is something that I unknowingly, intuitively and spiritually reconnected with in the last ten (10) years of my own self-healing and life transformation journey while I frequently revisited my sacred village of Nosara, Playa Guiones, Costa Rica.  Here is where I received my “spark” of inspiration and magic for my vision and creation of my Earthing Retreats.  Only 1 week ago today, I have yet again just returned from Playa Guiones where I spent my time between working/researching/writing/creating to take time out of at least 1 or 2 hours daily to literally be barefoot on the playa 9beach) and/or walk or barefoot run the beach along the ocean’s edge!

Yes! Yet again, I have recharged, refueled, rebalanced my bodily systems, reconnected to my true essential human nature and blissfully filled my soul with the much need love I receive from reconnecting with Mother Earth! I am a better person for myself, my sons and for all of you!

“A movement known as “grounding” or “earthing” is sweeping the holistic health scene. Walking barefoot outside, with the soles of your feet free to directly connect with the surface of the earth, is the main activity that’s a part of the earthing or grounding practice. While it might sound strange at first — ditching your shoes and digging your toes into the dirt or sand, or strolling across some pesticide-free grass — there’s evidence that this can be greatly beneficial for health by lowering free radical damage (also called “oxidative stress”), stress, inflammation and pain.”~ Dr. Axe

Earthing for me is not only the physical benefits of improved health. While scientific research is proving the scientific research of Earthing benefits, I approach Earthing from an intuitive and spiritual angle with just a hint of the science.   Earthing is now being more seriously studied by science for its major benefits in helping fight disease. I have included a link here for you to read more on the scientific evidence continuously being discovered and/or reaffirmed about the positive effects of Earthing. I hope you enjoy this read https://draxe.com/earthing/

I am honoured and I look forward to sharing my Earthing Retreats with you all in my home of Nosara Costa Rica where you will be Educated, Empowered and Inspired to reconnect to your true essential human nature with myself as your guide and teacher!

Any questions or comments please feel free to email me at carolynn@elixirwellness.ca

Earthing Retreats are offered Private or Semi-Private and Small Intimate group sizes. Corporate inquiries please email Carolynn carolynn@elixirwellness.ca





guidance from within  “vitamin G” isn’t a real vitamin, just a fun term people use to refer to the benefits of earthing, absorbing electrical charges from the ground.