Carolynn Younghusband|B.A., RHC, LHC, RMT, RYT, CFT, REIKI, Certified Life Activation Practitioner
Licensed Registered Holistic Health Practitioner & Wellness Consultant
Licensed Registered Health Coach|Registered Massage Therapist
Ayurveda & Reiki Therapist|Yoga & Fitness Coach|Earthing and Wellness Self-Care Retreats TM

Hi, I am Carolynn Younghusband and I would like to ask you….

Do you feel your life is out of your control?

Would you like to live your life on your own terms?

Do you want to let go of the past and you are not sure how? 

Do you struggle in areas of relationships with INTIMACY, TRUST, & BOUNDARIES?


Have you ever felt stuck in a negative relationship or career because you simply couldn’t make the decision to leave?

Are you lacking a sense of LIFE PURPOSE and are feeling stuck?

Have you ever procrastinated on making a life-changing decision about your relationships, career, health or business for months, even years?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then keep reading….


If you’ve ever wanted to feel free in your life, feel fulfilled, be full of enthusiasm, feel empowered, take control and be successful this will be the most exciting thing you will do for yourself this year.

Why do some people seem happy and fulfilled with their life, while others are left wondering if they missed the boat? Why do some people always seem to be able to make life look easy? Why are some people getting what they want? Because these people are ready, committed and open to be happy and to make changes in their life when things are not working for them. Do you want to make positive changes in your life?

I can help you to:

  • TRANSFORM your life by learning how to reconnect to your True Essential Human Nature
  • RECLAIM your power by developing a sense of Self

Contact Carolynn at  elixirwellness.ca@gmail.com to book your session and make that change

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Offering a high quality of Massage Modalities, Alternative Medicines and Holistic Treatments,
Carolynn will inspire you to transform your true self, wellness and life. To live your life
and dreams and to revitalize, reconnect and reclaim your mind, body and soul.




“After my session, I was left with the feeling I had just been treated by a healer with a true gift.  Carolynn Younghusband provided me with her healing hands, her professional expertise, intuitive craft & a mix of her personally standalone traditional-eclectic highly skilled massage therapy.  What stood out about my treatment, was that  I did not have to vocalize where I was most needing work. Intuitively she found the source of energy blockage and cleared a path for free flow.  I would highly recommend  Carolynn to anyone in need of Registered Massage Therapy and/or professional healing bodywork with a gifted touch.”

Curtis Santiago/Talwst Santiago (Visual Artist/Musician)

“I and the president of a multinational Anti-Aging and Wellness medical clinics and suffer of a lot of physical and mental stress from what I do along my journey. I had the opportunity to meet Carolynn Younghusband in one of her trips to Costa Rica. Recently I had an Ayuverdic massage from her that lasted for 2 hours. I must say I do exercise and because of that I get a massage at least once every couple of weeks from different massage therapists, but Carolynn has a gift in her hands I have never experienced before in my 35 years old of age. I have never ever fallen to sleep during  any one massage yet this was the first time ever. It’s an spiritual experience. I encourage everyone who reads this testimonial to get a treatment by Carolynn, so you understand what I experienced. Thank you very much Carolynn! Look forward for my next treatment!!! Kindest regards, Leslie.”

Dr. Leslie Mesen M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Anti-Aging and Wellness Clinic Costa Rica

“Thankful for the healing touch of Carolynn Younghusband. I always love the “pause” that massage therapy allows me but today was an exceptional mind-body experience. Can’t even explain what’s going on inside right now. Time to rest and simmer.”

Debbie Guthrie King

“Carolynn does a fantastic job and you can clearly tell she loves what she is doing. After a long relaxing session under her magical care, my mind, body and spirit feel completely rejuvenated ready to face another day in peace.” 

DuRae O'Shea Wilkinson

“Carolynn is a natural born healer.  Her intuitive strong hands along with her knowledge of the body is a rare combination to find.  Also her yoga expertise takes the massage beyond just the table and promotes general health and healing. Thanks Carolynn, you rock!!” 

Lyle M. (Professional Musician)

“I definitely recommend Carolynn. Try her magic touch in making you feel revived, and your body in balance. She’s gifted.” 

Milu Cannataro (Real Estate Agent)

“My name is Darin McBratney owner of the Costa Rica Yoga Spa and I have had the pleasure of receiving much body work over my 50 years and I know who is best at what they do and this woman really impressed me on all levels personally and professionally. What a gift Carolynn has to read the body and give you exactly what you came for. She is above and beyond most in this field and I highly recommend her. Carolynn has the essence your body is craving and she does it so well it will leave you spellbound. I rate her a 10 stars out of five because five is simply not enough. Everything you want and need in a massage and nothing less.”

Darin McBratney