As a young child, I was always fascinated by the power of the Heart and the sensation of LOVE that I could always feel pressing from within my chest wall. Pulsating and ever-present, my heart was wanting to be free, to shower on to others, animals, and nature this LOVE I felt inside of me ~ knowing somehow that sharing this powerful sensation of unconditional LOVE from within me would help ease any pain they felt or had experienced in their lifetime. Somewhere deep within my innocence of a child I also sensed that all I had to do was place my intention and direct my unconditional LOVE towards them and they could feel the LOVE to self-heal and nourish themselves.  Life for me continued along the “expected” societal path of University rather than the Healing Arts. However, I never let go of what I knew of my repressed intuitive gifts to help others that lay within myself.


Fast forward to the late ’90s. I successfully obtained my Bachelor of Arts undergrad in Economics and continued along in the banking industry, until I unleashed my first passion of caring for animals. I found myself surprisingly as a creator, entrepreneur, and owner of my own specialty feline-only House Sitting and Cat Sitting boutique services known as No Place Like Home Cat Sitting Inc., servicing the Greater Toronto area of Canada. In 2002, I sold my first entrepreneurial business to raise my identical twin sons. My birth and circumstances surrounding my high-risk pregnancy with my identical twin sons in addition to being an entrepreneur inspired me to officially jump into Health (Mind, Body, Spirit) and holistic Wellness.

In 2007, I successfully achieved my 2,200 hours of pre-medically certification/training and license as a Registered Massage Therapist.  Little did I know that this platform would be my launch pad for creating my integrative holistic “medicine bundle”.   Offering bodywork/massage I became more self-aware of my connection, sensing of energy around me, myself, and others’ energies. I did not know then about Reiki.  However, over the years I would become a recipient of Reiki and hence, found myself unleashing my next biggest passion ~ Energy medicine and Reiki.   Unexpectedly, and unplanned but led by synchronicities in my life I found myself in the Jungles of Guanacaste, Costa Rica being mentored and attuned for Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 in February 2015. That was as far as I intended to travel along my Reiki path.


For four (4) years I practiced Reiki as a Level 2 practitioner. I was very happy at this level and never even considered moving onto the Reiki Master level until the Spring of 2019 when I began to receive guidance in my daily meditations. This guidance unfolded from about April 2019 until September 2019.  In July 2019, my estranged Mother was committed to hospitalization. I asked my Angels and Guides what was I supposed to do. Again, I was guided, to bring my Mother Reiki to ease her pain and suffering, so I did.

Reiki reunited my Mother and me while she was still alive, bedridden, and conscious. I visited her at the hospital.  I arrived and shared my Reiki healing gifts with her. My Mother never knew me nor what I was “about”. I do not think she even remembered or wanted to remember that when I was 15 or 16 years old, I saved her life after she had tried to commit suicide. Here I was all these years later.

I spoke with her at her bedside. I sensed her areas of discomfort and restricted areas of energy flow. I began to offer her Reiki without explaining what “it” was that I was “doing”.  As my hands lay on her gently or around her, my Mother would say “What are you doing Carol? It feels so good, so warm. I feel as if electricity is moving through my body. I like this.” Her eyes would close gently in comfort, ease and relax as I proceeded. I told my Mother, simply I am helping you move your energy to help ease your pain. I left that day and began my official search to locate my Reiki Master who would mentor me. This search lasted all summer of 2019.

My Mother was given 6 months to live. Her health took another turn of deterioration within 6 weeks and 6 months became anytime. I returned to her bedside guided in my daily meditations by my Higher Self that I was to return again with my Reiki offerings.  However, in this Reiki session, I was guided that I would be assisting my Mother to transition her life to the other side.  This was an incredible ‘mission’ for me. I summoned all my courage, bravery, and compassion to move to be with her through this transition. When I arrived at the hospital the elevator door opened on her hospital floor at exactly 11:11 am. I could not believe the synchronicities. When I approached her hospital room, I was greeted by two siblings I had not seen in twenty years and advised that our Mother had gone into a coma the night.

My Mother had become deeply unconscious ~ Coma state. “Now what do I do?”  I asked my Angels and Guides. I heard my answer whispered to me “Go forward. Proceed. Your Mother knows you are here. Assist her with her pain and transition from this lifetime. You are LOVE. Give her forgiveness and channel unconditional LOVE.”  I placed my Rose Quartz crystal in her hand and placed her hand holding this crystal onto her heart. I proceeded with Reiki energy as I was guided. Within seconds, her eyes began and would flutter rapidly. I could not believe it! I thought she was going to awaken. I knew most of all she sensed me and she was receiving relief from any pain with lots of unconditional LOVE. I did this for a few hours taking rests for myself in between. My siblings could not believe what they were witnessing. I received another Truth about my journey. Here I received my message and answer that yes, indeed, I was to become Reiki Master.

My Mother passed that night before midnight. The next morning, I felt her Spirit soaring above and around me, filled with happiness and relief. She was free. She was finally happy.  The next 2 days, I was guided by a chance encounter with a woman who directed me to another woman. This woman would become my Reiki Master Mentor along with her husband Reiki Master and her assistant Reiki Master. In November 2019, I officially and enthusiastically received my attunements simultaneously from three (3) Reiki Master for Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.

I am honoured and humbled to be of service to Humanity offering my heart-centered Reiki energy healing sessions: in-person, Distance Reiki via telephone or video call, Reiki circles (online, in person), and Reiki teachings/retreats.

I welcome all ages from children to elders.

My Reiki session areas of specialties are extensive including but not limited to ~

chronic pain, stress, trauma, relaxation, anxiety, spiritual growth, energy clearing, focus/clarity, self-empowerment, forgiveness, and end-of-life transitions.