About 5 years ago, in 2015,  I was journeying with my then Shaman Daniel.  Daniel taught me how to journey, and we had many great journeys together. On one particular journey that stands out the most in my memories of happiness, was the journey of the White Buffalo. In my journey with my Shaman Daniel, there was a herd of Buffalo being led by one great White Buffalo. In this White Buffalo journey, my Shaman saw me dancing inside a circle of the great Buffalo herd. I was dressed in full ceremonial Buffalo skin with a sacred ceremonial Buffalo head covering.

The great leader, the White Buffalo, approached my Shaman and told him “She is to be called the Buffalo Medicine Woman”. Once my journey ended, my Shaman shared with me what he was told and he said to me “… I have never had such a powerful experience of being advised by a power animal of this message…”. That relaying of my SHaman’s message from my journey was one of most extraordinarily specialness for memory in this lifetime here on Earth ~ I LOVE it and will always hold this experience close to my heart!

Thank you, Daniel, xoxo wherever you may be now.

Peace, Light, and Love to you.

Carolynn Younghusband



Below I am sharing a friend’s story that caught my attention sometime last year when I came upon it. This story written by Tanya LeBlanc reminded me of my personal White Buffalo journey experience and is called  ‘Honouring the Earth with White Buffalo Calf Woman ~ Symbols of White Buffalo Calf Woman. I hope you enjoy this as much  I do.

“White Buffalo Calf Woman is very much an Earth Goddess but is also a Great Goddess of the Ancient Ones. Also known as Daughter of the Sky, she descended to Earth as a falling star from the star cluster known as the Pleiades, also known as The Seven Sisters, the constellation where the Sioux trace their origin. It is said that White Buffalo Calf Woman is one of the Seven Sisters and that she came to the Sioux to ask them to be the protectors of the Earth and to remind them of where we came from. The Seven Sisters are also known to be in Greek Mythology known as Maia, Electra, Alcyone, Taygete, Asterope, Celaeno, and Merope. Today only 6 stars can be seen to the naked eye, as the one star that fell became extinct towards the 2nd millennium BC.

The Pleiades, that emit a blue-white light, is among the nearest star cluster to Earth and some Greek astronomers considered the Pleiades a distinct constellation. The earliest known depiction of the Pleiades is a bronze artifact known as the Nebra Sky Disc dating back to 1600 BC and the Pleiades are mentioned 3 times in the Bible. In Indian Astrology, they are also known as Krittika.

As White Buffalo Calf Woman descended to the Earth, she carried with her a sacred bundle as an offering to the Lakota Sioux. The Sacred pipe symbolizes Earth and Sky, where the bowl represents the Earth, and the blowing of smoke towards the heavens represents the Sky. White Buffalo Calf Woman reminds us to cultivate our spirit guides to help us along our path and to respect all of our relations, including the animals, the trees, the flowers, the water and earth, all nations and races, and to the star people too. Your spiritual connection to Mother Earth will aid you in your healing as she will protect and take care of you in return. The imbalance of the Earth is a direct link to our disconnection with the sacred ways and we can no longer afford to keep living in ignorance of them. Call upon White Buffalo Calf Woman for guidance and ask her to show you the way. She will ground you to the Earth and help you live authentically on your path. She will teach you how to honor yourself and respect others, but most of all she will teach you the sacred ways of honoring Mother Earth.

When White Buffalo Calf Woman comes into your life, how can you honor your higher purpose and live an authentic life? It is time to bring spirit into your everyday lives with ceremony and connection to the Earth, your home.

It is ultimately our own responsibility to understand why we are here and what is our own unique purpose and offering to the world. Wake up from your sleep and find meaning for your life, as your personal signs are everywhere to help you along your path. When we reach out to spirit, they hear our call, encouraging us to find our higher truth. When we give thanks to Mother Earth and Father Sky, we receive blessings and messages to help us along our path, so find the time each day to ask spirit to show you the way. Be strong in your conviction to understand your purpose and when you do, you will begin to live an authentic life.


Living authentically aligns us to our higher purpose, so ask yourself, why are you here? What is the purpose of your life and how can you take your part in healing the Earth? Everything has a purpose from the trees to the animals to our dreams and the random occurrences that happen in our lives. Find meaning in everything and listen to the Great Spirit by purifying your thoughts and deeds.  Find peace in your heart and ask White Buffalo Calf Woman to help you reach your highest potential by creating your own personal ceremonies. Find a time each day, morning or night to gives thanks to Mother Earth and Father Sky, honoring them and honoring ourselves while burning sage and purifying our minds of worry and doubt.

Connecting with Mother Earth through ceremony will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, giving you peace and sacredness. The smoke of the sage will clear your mind and will ground you while receiving healing from above. Feel the wisdom of White Buffalo Calf Woman and hear her song whisper in your ears as you burn your sage and take responsibility for living an impeccable authentic self. Ask for assistance and be grateful for your gifts, knowing that your prayers have been heard.  She can help you find peace within yourself and can strengthen your connection to Mother Earth. With ceremony, bring the light from above into your daily lives to honor and respect the Earth. She needs us more now than ever before and our very own survival will depend on it.” Tanya LeBlanc

Mitakuye Oyasin ( All My Relations)