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One of the many changes I added to my lifestyle and healthstyle over the last seven (7) years has been seated meditation and expressing gratitude. I have my morning rituals of pure bliss, sacred time for myself every morning upon waking. In this quiet time, before things get hectic, I set aside a huge part of my daily self-care to include Meditation, chanting, breathwork, visualization, and silent or vocal expression of my gratitude or recognition for my Abundant life. I accepted this Life long before I arrived here and whether it has been blissful happiness or challenges of the down cycles in life, I am and always be filled with Gratitude for this lifetime experience.

Today I came across this excerpt in one of my good reading finds. Based on my personal 7-year inner journey and where I am today and where I am going to, I truly believe in living life always with full Gratitude.

“There is one positive feeling that we would be wise to cultivate if nothing else than for our personal well-being. That feeling is gratitude.

With simple practices like keeping a gratitude diary or writing letters of thanks, research has shown time and again that we can dramatically reduce depression and anxiety. We’ll also feel more socially connected with others. Other studies have found gratitude can increase willpower, keep you calm and even boost employee morale. It can literally transform our lives. And now, science has discovered that expressions of genuine gratitude can also physically change our brain — for the better.” Carolanne Wright

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