I am privileged to be a Registered Massage Therapist being entrusted by my clients whom come to seek my healing bodywork.  I am privileged that they entrust and respect my knowledge, my work, my care & my passions to care & help for them on their journeys to an improved quality of life. I thank you all.

I would like to share an experience I had today with a new client whom I have never met before. For confidentiality sake, I will refer to this man as Mr. H. As laid my intuitive healing hands on Mr. H.’s back to begin our session, he asked me “Do you like where you are?” . “Pardon me?” I replied slightly startled by the breaking in my rhythm of my start to my treatment. Hesitantly I answered Mr. H “Yes, I like this clinic here.” “No.” said Mr. H. “What I mean is Carolynn, are you happy with where you are in life and what you are doing?” WHOA!!!!!! Now this is something crazy in the universe. This Mr. H. was here not only to see me for his bodywork healing treatment but he was also here to see me for another reason. Mr. H. was a message for me to reflect on where I am now in that moment & where I am at now on my new journey in my next chapter of this life. This was great!

A smile broke widely across my face grinning ear to ear. “Yes!” I responded immediately, passionately & confidently to Mr. H. “Yes! I absolutely love where I am! I love what I am doing for my life, my sons’ lives  and my living!” “That is wonderful Carolynn.” responded Mr. H. “It is wonderful that you are living and following your OWN journey Carolynn. It is your own path & your own recipe for life which makes you happy instead of doing or following what society and others expect you should be doing.”

As the story goes, everyone we meet in life is here for a reason whether to teach us something or to bring us into self-reflection. Mr. H was one of those people for me today. As I continue my journey, I hope you will reach out to me no matter who you are so we can continue to help and learn from one another.