Although we have all lived with outworn ideas about the body, the momentum of change has been gathering. The old model shows many signs of breaking down. Have you been part of this change? The following quiz examines how receptive you are to personal change. Anyone can be more open, but it’s good to have a starting point before the journey begins.

Answer the following questions YES or NO.

YES ___ NO ___ I believe that the mind influences the body.

YES ___ NO ___ I know people who have had amazing recoveries from illness.

YES ___ NO ___ When physical symptoms appear, I seek alternative treatment.

YES ___ NO ___ Hands-on healing is a real phenomenon.

YES ___ NO ___ People can make themselves sick without a physical cause.

YES ___ NO ___ I don’t have to see healing to believe it exists.

YES ___ NO ___ Traditional medicine knows things that scientific medicine hasn’t discovered yet.

YES ___ NO ___ I can alter my genes by how I think.

YES ___ NO ___ Human lifespan isn’t determined by genes.

YES ___ NO ___ They will probably not discover a single gene for aging.

YES ___ NO ___ I have the ability to influence whether I get cancer.

YES ___ NO ___ My body responds to my emotions – when they change, so does my body.

YES ___ NO ___ Aging contains a major mental component. Your mind can determine whether you age quicker or slower.

YES ___ NO ___ I am generally happy with my body.

YES ___ NO ___ I don’t feel my body is going to betray me.

YES ___ NO ___ I pay attention to hygiene, but germs aren’t a major issue with me.

YES ___ NO ___ I have healed myself at least once.

YES ___ NO ___ I’ve had at least one experience with Eastern medicine (acupuncture, Qi Gong, Ayurveda, Reiki, etc.)

YES ___ NO ___ I’ve used herbal remedies that were effective.

YES ___ NO ___ I’ve used meditation or other stress-reduction techniques.

YES ___ NO ___ Prayer has the power to heal.

YES ___ NO ___ Miraculous cures are possible and legitimate.

YES ___ NO ___ My body has a good chance of being as healthy ten years from now as it is today.

YES ___ NO ___ Even though the average old person takes seven prescription drugs, I foresee turning seventy on no drugs at all.


Evaluating your score:

0 – 10 Yes Answers: You accept the conventional notion that the body is basically fixed, either by genes or mechanical processes of decay and aging. You expect to ear out over time as you age. Your optimism about alternative medicine is distinctly limited and may be totally overshadowed by skepticism. You would never rely on healers and look upon so-called miraculous cures as either fraud or self-deception. On one hand, you trust medical science and expect doctors to take care of you. On the other hand, you don’t pay much attention to your body and feel fatalistic about things that can go wrong with it.

Given the possibility of a major breakthrough, you feel cautious about making any major changes in your life.

11 – 20 Yes Answers: Your experience has caused you to shift away from the conventional wisdom about the body. You are open to change and have broadened your ideas about healing. Either you or your friends have gone to some form of alternative treatment with success, and you are no longer completely accepting that mainstream medicine is the only answer. Yet the claims of hands-on-healing probably make you skeptical. In general, you haven’t found a way of understanding the body that’s more satisfying than the Western scientific model, yet you are well aware that unconventional approaches can be valid.

You are attracted to the possibility of making a major change in your life, although you haven’t decided which alternative is right for you.

21 – 25 Yes answers: You have made a conscious effort to shift away from the old paradigm. For you, alternative therapies are firmly accepted and believed in. You seek conventional treatment only after you’ve tried holistic medicine, and even then, you are wary of drugs and surgery. Your view of the body is likely to be tied to a spiritual journey that you take quite seriously. You identify with other seekers of higher consciousness. You firmly believe in hands-on healing. You question whether any form of materialism can really plumb the deeper mysteries of life.

You have embraced personal transformation as a major goal in your life and want to change as rapidly as possible.


If you completed your personal “quiz’ and feel you are ready to take your next step to transform your personal wellness, self-care and reconnecting to rediscover your true essential human nature Carolynn Younghusband is here to work together with you.  You can email Carolynn at

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