Today is Day 1 of 4 steps for my sharing an online Step-By-Step Guide to becoming a Health and Wellness Coach


I know a great number of you reading this post right now are here because you care and like myself, you may even be passionate about your wellness. You may even be asking yourself :

“How does Carolynn do it? How and why does she always LOVE what she is doing in her life, and in her business?  How can I change my life and my career to be what I love doing, in something that includes wellness like Carolynn is doing?”

In the late 1990’s I left corporate world banking to pursue my passion for helping animals and people. In 2000, my identical twins were born 2 months premature, I was managing, operating my full-time 1st entrepreneurial business (No Place Like Home Cat Sitting Inc. which to date is still in full successful operation as a testament to my creation from my heart), I had anywhere from 2 to 10 contractors working for me and I was also working from home simultaneously raising my sons on a full-time basis. My marriage was very unhappy, abusive and toxic in many ways. In early 2000I launched professionally into the wellness industry as a Registered Massage Therapist, and Yoga teacher, part-time working around the hours I had to myself and around my sons’ schedule.

In 2012, I found the courage to leave my marriage and go out a single Mom to pursue my life and my sons’ lives to be filled with happiness, harmony, love, passion and my eternal perseverance on my vision to create my wellness business to serve and inspire: my self, my sons and all others in their journey to reclaim their self-empowerment, education, and birthright to quality of a life filled with supreme wellness and health ~ Mind, Body and Soul.

In 2014, while in the midst of a dark, emotionally and financially draining divorce.  I found I had learned even more in my life with the hardships I was being challenged with. I had no support, no family except for my two young sons. I began to take my hardships from life and this major life transformation, and turn it around into my next vision of my wellness creation as I knew others too would be in need of my wisdom and support. Once I made this mental decision, this mental choice to begin talking openly to others, I then found a school which was totally in sync with my values, with how I approach life and wellness. I found the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I

In March 2015, I successfully completed my IIN Certification as a Health and Wellness Coach and a few months following this, I received my divorce certificate! Life has never been better! So, I share this story to Inspire, Educate and Empower you to go rediscover who you are and if you think wellness is an area you feel called to be a part of then start here! I am open to offer 15 minutes FREE Wellness consultations to answer any questions you may have about the IIN Health and Wellness coach certification program!

Check out this link for a short video to get you started!

Passionate about Health and Wellness? Become a Health and Wellness Coach!

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